Elephant Interactions

As well as being the World’s largest land mammal, the African Savannah Elephant is one of the most charismatic animals in the World. Encounters with a gently or comically interacting family herd or old bull with his attendant ‘askaris’ can be a highlight of any day spent in the African bush. Just watching these enormous, gentle and highly complex creatures can be fascinating and even moving.

We work with a local safari camp (45 mins from Trees Too) that allows you to get much closer than just watching from your car. Their carefully trained elephants can be interacted with in their stables or on a bush walk. An unforgettable highlight of your visit to South Africa.

A 30 minute elephant interaction - R700pp
Again an introduction to the elephants which includes a brief talk on their history as well as an explanation on the training concepts that are used and a game that is played to demonstrate their good sense of smell. The elephants are asked to lie down and guests can then have the opportunity to touch and feel them from head to toe.

A one hour elephant walk - R1200pp
A walk through the bush in the 70 ha non-Big 5 area where guests can interact with the elephants and the natural environment simultaneously. A great way to combine a walking safari with a close encounter and lifetime experience with African elephants.

More info:
Morning elephant experiences are conducted between 07h00-10h00 am in summer and winter.Afternoon elephant experiences are conducted between 15h00-18h00 in the summer months and 14h30-17h30 in the winter months.

Winter months : 1st May to 30th September