Mozambique Day Tour

Mozambique is the rediscovered jewel of a country that links southern and eastern Africa. Formerly the holiday destination of choice for thousands of southern Africans, the end of nearly 20 years of liberation and civil conflict has given this friendly, beautiful country a decade in which to rebuild some of that former glory.

A Tour of Maputo

A day trip to the capital city Maputo, just 90km away, reveals fascinating history and contrasts. The liveliness of the traditional fish and craft markets, architecture by Eiffel (yes the tower guy), Portuguese elegance and African vibe, poverty and economic rebirth are all there to see. Top that off with sumptuous seafood meal overlooking the Indian Ocean. Prices from around R2500 plus required visa (approx R750pp...not necessary for SA citizens). Lunch cost not included. Discounted price available for parties of 4+ travelling together.

We strongly recommend staying in Mozambique at one of the beach resorts for e few to us about the options, including options to leave your car in SA and be picked up at the border by a lodge owner in Mozambique.