Lowest price guarantee

Posted by Sue on Mon January 11, 2021 in Special offer.

We guarantee an extra 5% minimum off the lowest web price you can find if you book directly with us! Tell your friends and family...go do it now!

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Still locked down but keeping busy!

Posted on Sat June 13, 2020.

Although we, like all other lodges, are still locked down, apart from guests on business, we're staying busy and the camera shy Martyn Steele is busy painting the pool and re-planting the island following the sad, slow death of the iconic cycad. We'll be ready to receive you when you're able to come!

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Currently licensed to receive only business guests but will take future tourism bookings too1

Posted on Thu May 21, 2020.

We are now permitted to accommodate business guests at special lockdown rates. Guests wishing to travel for a holiday may still book ahead to get the best rates available for when SA opens up again!

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Locked down but preparing!

Posted on Mon April 20, 2020.

Trees Too Guest Lodge, Komatipoort has been locked down since 21 March 2020 but is busy preparing for return to business

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