Currently licensed to receive only business guests but will take future tourism bookings too1

Posted on Thu May 21, 2020.

We are now permitted to accommodate business guests at special lockdown rates. Guests wishing to travel for a holiday may still book ahead to get the best rates available for when SA opens up again!

We are permitted to accommodate business guests only and are offering 35% off normal room rate! We can also supply picnic breakfasts/lunches (extra cost) if booked in advance. Local delivery services include Debonaires pizza and Fishaways for later meals, but due to staff transport limitations, order with them before 1600! Some of our other services may be limited as we are undertaking some renovations, ask us when you book. Book now!

Guests wishing to travle for holidays and tourism should also book now to get the best available rates when Sa open up again to tourism!